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Without dedicated Catholics like you, this conference and other youth events would not be possible!

“I thought I was here just to chaperone but I felt also like a participant . . . It was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had. It showed me that every moment we have being a youth leader is all worth it.”

- Ignite NW Chaperone



  • The conference is Catholic, focusing on devotion to the Holy Eucharist, prayer and catechesis. Chaperones are important facilitators of this experience of faith for their group. They need to be spiritually mature adults whose language, conversation and actions reflect the teachings and moral values of the Catholic Church at all times.

  • Chaperones are adults 21 years and older who make a generous sacrifice by serving and witnessing to youth during the entirety of the conference. 

  • Chaperones must be in compliance with the Safe Environment Protection Policies of their home dioceseYouth ministers, parents, or other approved youth volunteers may serve as chaperones.

  • Intense activities and the energies of youth this age make the conference a physically demanding experience. It is recommended that adults with serious health problems or other physical limitations not participate as chaperones.



  • Conference organizers and chaperones are responsible for safety and discipline during all conference events. All chaperones must electronically sign the Chaperone Agreement Form when they register online.

  • Chaperones must know and obey the rules of the conference and, as primary disciplinarians of the youth in their group, they are responsible for enforcing these rules within their own group.

  • Chaperones must remain present during all the activities, meals and free times. It is the adult chaperones’ responsibility to be available to the youth in their group and to know where their youth are at all times.



  • Talk to your group leader and register online. 

  • Chaperones use the same online registration and pay the same rate as participants. We regret at this time that we are unable to subsidize the chaperone costs. 


Please note: One adult chaperone is required for every SIX participants of the same gender.

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