Ignite Your Torch Northwest is a nonprofit 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible.

Federal Tax ID # 46-1886168

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“Ask and you shall receive” (Matthew 7:7)

Many teens, parents and youth ministers are surprised to find out how generous people often are when it comes to donating money to send teens to opportunities such as Ignite Your Torch. Rather than spending the time and energy on organizing endless bake sales, car washes and other fundraisers, we recommend that you simply ask parishioners, friends and family to sponsor teens to go to Ignite Your Torch.


Setting up a fundraising page is fast, free and easy! 


To make this easy for you, we are providing a tool that lets you create a fundraising page for your group as a whole and for individual teens.

  • Through this page, you can create a profile for your team in minutes using our template

  • You can invite teens to create their own profiles – they can even upload their own picture and personalize what it says

  • Through the email, facebook or twitter sharing buttons, parishioners, friends and family can be invited to donate to sponsor a specific teen or the group as a whole 

  • Donating can be made instantly through the fundraising page by credit card or e-check

  • Donations go directly to that person or group’s registration fee. The final balance owed will be reduced by the amount of donations received. Ex: Sally Teen registers before May 31 at the $275 price and makes the $50 deposit. Sally gets $200 in donations through her fundraising page. She now only owes a balance of $25 ($275 minus $50 minus $200 = $25)



Note: If you don’t see your group listed, then click “Create a Group” You can set up a group for just yourself, your family or (with permission) your youth group.